Project Sharing & User Access

Share your Projects with your colleagues whether they have a DSW user account or not. Furthermore, you can set their access rights as well and let them just view, edit or even own the Project.

Online Collaboration

You can collaborate online in real-time on your data management plans with other users or anyone who you send the link to. Just like you know it from Google Docs.


Once you fill in the questionnaire, you can generate a data management plan using our growing selection of templates (such as Science Europe template) to satisfy the needs of different funders. Moreover, with basic coding skills, you can develop your own template by using our Template Development Kit. You can also choose different formats like MS Word, PDF or even LaTeX.


Our smart questionnaires will effortlessly guide you through the vast knowledge of data stewardship by asking you relevant questions, offering hints, multimedia contents, external resources and community help.


Questionnaires can be connected to external sources. Apart from getting to the answer being fast and easy, it also becomes automatically FAIR. For example, DSW is currently connected to FAIRsharing so you can enjoy their high-quality curated content.

FAIR Metrics

You can evaluate answers in each questionnaire to get an overview of how good you are doing in terms of FAIR metrics. Thus you are able to reconsider your decisions already in the planning phase to make your research more FAIR.

Data Stewardship Hints

With the kind permission of Taylor & Francis Group, we provide information and hints from Data Stewardship for Open Science by Barend Mons directly in the Data Stewardship Wizard.

Machine-Actionable Export

You can generate not only human-readable document from the filled questionnaire but also machine-actionable formats like JSON or RDF/XML. Thus it is easy to integrate the data from DSW to other systems.

Version History

Every change you make in your project is saved. You can browse the history, watch who and when makes changes, and create a version for your project's specific state.

Knowledge Models

DSW is a living place, you can find various Knowledge Models stored in a shared public registry and you can contribute by extending and creating your own, as well as give feedback and discuss with others.

Knowledge Model Editor

The Knowledge Model eEitor is a tool for building your own new Knowledge Models or extending the existing ones so that they can cover new areas of expertise or better fit your organization’s needs.

Open ID

We allow users to login also using external services that are OpenID compliant. That enables organizations to use their own authorization server for login to DSW.

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