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We bring together data stewards and researchers to efficiently compose data management plans (DMPs) for their research projects.

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Data Stewards capture and combine their knowledge and expertise with respect to the specific needs of a domain or an organisation. Researchers are truly guided through composing a DMP which can be then exported using selected template and format, including machine-actionable. The benefit lies not only in having a nowadays often obligatory DMP for funders but mainly learning how to handle data correctly, make them FAIR, maintain them well during the project, and curate them long-term.

The DSW Story

The DSW story originates in the Netherlands where Dr Rob Hooft of the Dutch Techcentre for Lifesciences (DTL) started collecting knowledge about data stewardship around 2012, when taking part in discussions on the introduction of Data Management Plans by national funder ZonMw, and formalised it in the form of a hierarchical mind map...

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The DSW Core Team

Robert Pergl
Robert PerglProject Coordinator
Rob Hooft
Rob HooftDS Knowledge Expert
Jiří Vondrášek
Jiří VondrášekBusiness and Strategic Advisory
Vojtěch Knaisl
Vojtěch KnaislBackend Developer
Jan Slifka
Jan SlifkaFrontend Developer
Marek Suchánek
Marek SuchánekLeonardo da Vinci
Jana Freeman
Jana FreemanCommunity Manager
Kryštof Komanec
Kryštof KomanecKnowledge Steward & Trainer
Jana Martínková
Jana MartínkováOntology Engineer

Advisory Board

DSW Advisory Board is a non-decision making body composed of industry leaders, prominent experts and academics specialized in the field of data management planning, data stewardship, data fairification, and other related fields. DSW Advisory Board's mission is to support and advise the DSW core team to steer the DSW development, adoption of the DSW by a broad community, and embedding it in practice.

Pinar Alper
Pinar AlperELIXIR Luxembourg
Korbinian Bösl
Korbinian BöslELIXIR Norway, Centre for Digital Life Norway, Computational Biological Unit - University of Bergen
Flora D'Anna
Flora D'AnnaELIXIR Belgium, VIB-UGent Center for Plant Systems Biology
Carole Goble
Carole GobleThe University of Manchester, Joint Head of Node ELIXIR-UK
Kristina Hettne
Kristina HettneCentre for Digital Scholarship, Leiden University Libraries
Niclas Jareborg
Niclas JareborgELIXIR Sweden, National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden
Yvonne Kallberg
Yvonne KallbergELIXIR Sweden, National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden
Brane Leskošek
Brane LeskošekELIXIR Slovenia, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Medicine, IBMI
Barbara Magagna
Barbara MagagnaEnvironment Agency Austria
Tomasz Miksa
Tomasz MiksaTU Wien & SBA Research
João Moreira
João MoreiraUniversity of Twente
Valentina Pasquale
Valentina PasqualeIstituto Italiano di Tecnologia
Martin Schätz
Martin SchätzGloBIAS, National Library of Technology & University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague