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Translate DSW

You can easily contribute just by providing your language skills and help us translate DSW to various languages as well as maintain such translations. We support our community of translators that is helping us to:

  • Translate UI of DSW (messages visible in the web browser).
  • Translate document templates.

We support translation through the service localize.ds-wizard.org and directly using gettext-based translation tools (e.g. Poedit). The DSW team then manages the release process and all technical stuff as well as keeping the community standard (e.g. making sure that all contributors are credited properly in the metadata). For instance, you can check the locales for UI in the DSW Registry and on our GitHub.

No technical knowledge is required, you just need to know the language and the basics of DSW. If you want to join the community, please let us know via info@ds-wizard.org or on our Discord . We are looking forward to having you on board!

Translate DSW Illustration