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DSW Compared to Other DMP Tools

Template SelectionLimited
Detailed Export SettingsLimitedLimited
Template Creation
Template Styling
Project PhasesUnknownLimited
Suitable For Worldwide UseLimitedLimitedLimitedLimitedLimited
Various Sharing OptionsLimitedLimitedLimitedLimitedLimited
FAIR Metrics InformationLimitedLimited
Live Collaboration
Version HistoryUnknownUnknownLimitedUnknownUnknown
Languages (other than English)Limited
Funder TemplatesLimitedLimitedLimited

Information relevant to April of 2021.

Disclaimer: This comparison of free / no-need-to-contact versions of the tools is only informative and it is not presented as a rigorous result of a scientific study. Please note that all the comparisons mentioned herewith have been compiled based on information available on the tool's official websites. Also note that the meanings of comparisons are given in detail below the table and depict how DSW understands and standardly uses them, they therefore can differ from how they are understood and used by other tools.

Template Selection

One of the key needs is the possibility to choose a questionnaire template from an existing list of templates. These templates can be both well-known templates of important funders and templates created for specific situations and projects.

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Detailed Export Settings

"The more languages you speak, the more times you are human." Or the less known equivalent of this valid for the Data Stewardship Wizard, "The more export formats you know, the more times you make users happy."

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Template Creation

It is not possible to have the perfect template for every person and situation. That is why we offer you the option to create your own template based on your specific use case.

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Template Styling

If you need to style your template with a logo of your organization, use a different font or specific header or footer, as an administrator you can set it up by yourself. If you have any difficulties to do so, there is a Template Development Kit tutorial video to help you out!

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Project Phases

We know that you might not know all the answers to all questions at the time of creation of the data management plan. That is the reason why we support project phases, to help you answer all the questions over time.

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Suitable For Worldwide Use

While some tools are local installations and thus may lack full support or some important templates, with the Data Stewardship Wizard you do not have to worry about it. We provide support for everyone anywhere. Also, our questionnaires are completely independent of the template hence the country as well. You can generate a DMP in different templates for one questionnaire without the need to rewrite it!

Various Sharing Options

You can set the visibility settings to be completely private, or allow users to view your project or edit it. Moreover, you can make the questionnaire link available even for non-logged users, share it with them, and start to collaborate.

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Some work can be done by machines and that can save the time of many people and also make things easier. Unlike working with blocks of text that are hard to read and work with for machines, the Data Stewardship Wizard was developed to use a bare minimum of free text and uses UUID for each question and answers in its machine-actionable DMPs so that machines can read them easily and decide accordingly to spare your time and effort.

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FAIR Metrics Information

Following the recommendations of the GO FAIR initiative and good data management plan practices can be difficult and overwhelming. The Data Stewardship Wizard helps by providing summary reports of FAIR metrics based on your answers. To make it even easier, it also shows which answers should be preferred according to these recommendations and metrics.

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With our To Do labels you do not have to worry anymore about not being able to answer every question at the moment. You can just mark it and answer it later through your TODOs list.

Live Collaboration

Everything is better with friends! In the DSW, multiple users can fill the DMP at the same time and see the changes made by others in real-time. Just like you would expect it in a cutting-edge online platform.

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Life is change and we know that the specifications for your data management plan can also change at any time during the Project. In that case, with DSW there is no need to start all over again! Simply use the option of Migration and update your Project easily to a new version or even a different Knowledge Model. Moreover, when you have customization of a Knowledge Model that has been updated, you can easily migrate the customization to a newer version of the parent Knowledge Model as well.

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Version History

In DSW, every change you make in your project is saved. Furthermore, it also allows you to browse the history, watch who made changes and when, and create a version for your project's specific state. Working on the project with a group of people or having lots of changes in the project over time, the version history will definitely make your life easier!

Languages (other than English)

The Data Stewardship Wizard is provided in English only. It is because we believe that in today's world the English language is essential and is fully accepted as the primary language for creating DMPs.

Funder Templates

We are working on increasing the number of Funder templates that the DSW offers, so you can easily use them while applying your project at the most common funding agencies. It takes a lot of work but we are looking forward to presenting you more funder templates soon!