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Data Steward

Data Stewards are the experts who help researchers with managing their data and creating Data Management Plans. In DSW, they build so-called Knowledge Models and DMP Templates that researchers can use.

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Build Knowledge Models

Knowledge Model is a tree-like structure of chapters, questions, answers, references and more that captures the knowledge of what should be considered in a DMP and the research experiment in general.

Data Stewards can adjust and extend existing Knowledge Models or build new ones from scratch.

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Integrate with External Services

It is possible to integrate questions with external resources or databases, such as FAIRsharing. Then, when researchers answer these questions, they can pick from an already existing list of answers. These answers also contain the link to the original resource.

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Incorporate FAIR metrics

Some answers are better than others. In DSW, you can indicate how each answer affects the FAIR metrics to give hints for researchers on what to improve.

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Publish for Use

When the Knowledge Model is ready to be used by researchers, you need to publish it first. This step involves assigning additional metadata such as a license or version number. Once the version is published, it is persistent and cannot be changed. You can always create a new version whenever you need though.

Create DMP Templates

Knowledge Models define how to capture the information needed, but they are not the Data Management Plan yet. For that, we use DMP Templates. One Knowledge Model can use multiple DMP templates. The idea is simple: answer once, get DMPs in any form needed, whether it is a document following Science Europe recommendations or a machine-actionable DMP.

Data Stewards can use DSW Template Development Kit to build DMP Templates.

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DSW Registry

DSW Registry is a place where we share Knowledge Models and DMP Templates created by us. You can easily import them into a DSW instance and use them straight away or extend and modify them further to fit your needs.

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