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The Data Stewardship Wizard can easily adapt to the needs of funders. DSW will guide grant applicants and gather answers to essential questions for funders in a form that makes evaluation effective.

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Adopt a Knowledge Model

All questions that are necessary to ask in grant applications can be specified in a Knowledge Model. It allows structure questions into chapters and provides various forms of guidance: references, options, suggestions from integrations, metrics, and more.

A funder may use an existing Knowledge Model and customize it if necessary or build one's own from scratch. Such a Knowledge Model is easy to manage and evolve directly in DSW.

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Create an Export Template

The document that the applicant gets from DSW can be in any textual format, and it does not have to follow the structure of the Knowledge Model. Moreover, templates can allow export in multiple formats, e.g., JSON for machine-readability, PDF for submission, or MS Word for further edits outside DSW.

For example, a template can transform a grant application into RDF or JSON for automated evaluation in the same way as it can define an excellent looking PDF document.

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Integrate and Automate

Once the applicant finalizes the document, it can be sent to the funder. Manually reading and evaluating such applications is ineffective. Aside from the evaluation of metrics, DSW allows integration in terms of document submission.

Applicants can directly submit a document to the funder's evaluation service or dedicated storage.

An integration solution study using the Data Stewardship Wizard can be found here: FAIR Made Easy for Funders.

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